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Shaping a sustainable future

As Europe's largest collector of used cooking oil, Quatra accelerates the transition to sustainable energy and mass CO₂ reduction.

Over the past years, Quatra has witnessed exponential growth on the international stage, solidifying our position as Europe's primary collector of used cooking oil. 

With a focus on innovation and a dynamic and customer-oriented approach at our core, we proudly serve over 140.000 customers across a diverse range of sectors. From restaurants and hotels to schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and food processing plants, our services extend to municipalities and waste disposal facilities. 

We go the extra mile

All Quatra customers benefit from our international network and local depots. This ensures you enjoy a comprehensive service, with flexible responses to all your needs. We guarantee collection within 48 hours, or in urgent cases, within 24 hours. 

Clean, tidy and respectful  

At Quatra, we recognize the importance of maintaining a clean and orderly environment. During our collections, we replace your full tanks with clean, empty ones, taking utmost care and respect for your business. Our drivers are trained to provide optimal service and proudly wear a clean and easily identifiable Quatra uniform during their visits, reflecting our commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Innovative recycling
into sustainable biofuels

Our substantial efforts align seamlessly with the European Green Deal's ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality across Europe by 2050.

Furthermore, we're dedicated to maintaining the delivery and collection of your oils and fats as climate-neutral as possible. Through our efficient process of combining them in a single truck, we maximize efficiency, ensuring that one ride delivers twice the environmental benefits. Think green: 1 ride = 2-fold benefits