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Thinking globally,
acting locally

Quatra has evolved from a local fat collector into an international company, delivering, collecting and recycling cooking oils and fats.  

Currently, we can call ourselves the European market leader: more than 100,000 clients such as chip shops, restaurants, catering businesses, mass-catering kitchens, industrial firms and shipping companies entrust us with their oil collection and delivery. 

The exponential growth of the company is the result of years of experience and specialization, the focus on service and flexibility, sustainable entrepreneurship and an innovative recycling process.

Efficient complete service

Are you one of the +100,000 catering companies, chains and businesses working with Quatra? As a customer you benefit from our international network and local depots in all the countries where we operate. This means you enjoy a full service: we respond flexibly to all your requests, deliver new fats and oils and collect your used fats and oils. Always within 48 hours or, if it's really urgent, even within 24 hours. And thanks to our own processing procedure you receive a rebate for your used cooking oils and fats, the highest in the UK.

Clean, tidy and respectful  

Oil and fat can cause quite a mess and that's why we believe in being clean. When we come for a collection we will replace your full tanks with clean empty ones. This is done with the due care and respect for your business. We also train our drivers to provide an optimal service and they always wear a clean and recognisable Quatra outfit when they visit. 

Sustainable recycling
into innovative biofuel

All fats and oils that we collect from you are recycled and transformed into renewable energy. In doing so we make a big contribution to the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050.

We also keep the delivery and collection of your oils and fats as climate neutral as possible. We combine them in 1 truck. Think green: 1 ride = 2 services.

Discover all about our sustainable waste processing