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waste processing

Quatra will collect used cooking oils and fats and recycle them into sustainable biofuel. We do this in a nearly 100% automated recycling process that meets the strictest standards.

Nothing is wasted:
100% recycling

Quatra believes in recuperating 100% energy from waste:

We recycle cooking oil into the raw material for sustainable fuels
The frying residues form the basis for biogas
The other waste streams, such as plastic, we wash and sort, and will then be sent for recycling

What happens
to the oil collected?

After processing, the cooking oils and fats we collect go to partner companies. They convert this waste oil into sustainable biofuels (sustainable aviation fuel SAF and sustainable biodiesel) that emit 90% less CO₂ compared to fossil fuels.

The frying residues form the basis for biogas, and the other waste streams such as plastic we wash and sort, and will then be sent for recycling. So Quatra recycles everything – nothing goes to the landfill.

Efficient and climate neutral collection service

From the collection of your blue drums to the processing into sustainable biofuel: all the steps in the processing of your cooking fats and oils are carried out as efficiently and climate-neutrally as possible. We schedule our collection trucks' journeys so they do not have to travel unnecessary distances. At your request, we will combine the collection of your used cooking oil or fat with the delivery of your fresh cooking oil or fat. This also reduces our own CO₂ emissions.

Together for
a carbon neutral Europe by 2050

Climate change and environmental degradation threaten Europe and the world. In order to help meet these challenges, Quatra is throwing its weight behind the European Green Deal.

Thanks to our sustainable management and maximum reuse of vegetable fats and oils, we are playing a crucial role in making Europe carbon neutral by 2050. The EU rewarded us for this with an ISCC certificate.

Stargate project for greener aviation

Quatra, with OlioBox, is a proud partner of Brussels Airport's Stargate project. Stargate is developing innovative solutions within the European Green Deal to make aviation greener and more sustainable.

Sustainability and certificates

ISCC certificates

In order to have a clear traceability of the waste used, a certification of all operators is necessary. The ISCC system was set up for this purpose. It is necessary for the users of cooking oils and fats to sign a self-declaration before their used cooking fats and oils can enter the ISCC circuit.