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waste processing

Quatra collects and transforms used cooking oils and fats into essental raw materials for biofuels, actively contributing to responsible resource management.

Nothing is wasted:
100% recycling

Our commitment to 100% energy recovery from waste:

We recycle cooking oil into the raw material for sustainable fuels.
Frying residues are utilized to produce biogas.
Other waste streams, like plastics, are carefully washed, sorted, and sent for recycling.

What happens to the oil we collect?

Following collection, the cooking oils and fats undergo treatment and purification at our state-of-the-art facility, where they are converted into three essential components: purified oil, organic impurities, and water. These components are then forwarded to our partners in sustainability, among whom are experts in sustainable fuel production.

The purified used cooking oils serve as the foundation for biofuels, including HVO (B100) and SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). Meanwhile, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to transforming frying residues into biogas and ensuring thorough washing, sorting, and recycling of other waste streams, such as plastics. At Quatra, we commit towards a zero-landfill policy, leaving nothing to waste.

Efficient collection and future-proof processing site

​From collecting your blue barrels to processing waste oils into the essential raw materials for sustainable biofuel, every step is conducted with utmost efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind. Our new factory meets the strictest standards and is designed for maximum energy efficiency and reuse of blue barrels, wheelie bins, and IBCs.


One trip, two services for reduced emissions

An efficient logistic planning is an absolute priority for Quatra. We optimize our collection truck routes to minimize unnecessary travel, reducing our CO₂ emissions. Additionally, upon request, we combine fresh oil delivery with used oil collection, further reducing our footprint.

Partnering for a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050

​In response to the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, Quatra is steadfast in its commitment to support the European Green Deal. Our focus on sustainable management and the extensive reuse of vegetable fats and oils underscores our dedication to being part of the solution to a global problem.

By actively participating in the reduction of carbon emissions through responsible resource management, we aim to contribute significantly to Europe's journey towards a carbon-neutral future by 2050. We are proud to have received recognition from the EU in the form of the ISCC certificate, a testament to our ongoing efforts in shaping a more sustainable world.

Collaborating for greener aviation

Quatra, in collaboration with OlioBox, proudly partners with Brussels Airport's Stargate project. Stargate is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions within the European Green Deal to make aviation more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Sustainability and certificates

ISCC certificates

To ensure a transparent traceability of the waste used, certification of all operators is essential. The ISCC system serves this purpose, requiring users of cooking oils and fats to sign a self-declaration before their used cooking fats and oils can enter the ISCC circuit.