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Waste oil collection

Quatra ensures reliable and timely collections with full UK coverage through local depots. We cater to businesses of all sizes, offering a secure and legally-compliant cooking oil recycling service.

Trusted partner of over 150,000 customers

Competitive pricing for your used cooking oils and fats
Collection or delivery within 48 hours
Complimentary sanitized barrels
Dedicated and service-oriented employees

Used cooking oil storage solutions

Explore Quatra's range of waste oil collection containers:

Quatra blue barrels

Blue barrels 60 L - 200 L

Quatra Wheelie bin

Wheelie bin 120 L - 200 L

Quatra IBC

IBC 600 L - 1000 L

Managing high volumes of cooking oil?

Quatra offers custom solutions to streamline your kitchen operations. Whether you run a fast-food restaurant or a large food processing plant, our oil storage and management systems offer a convenient, efficient, safe and cost-effective plan for you. Get in touch  to discuss your specific requirements.

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Other services

Food industry collection

Are you an industrial food manufacturer? Does your production process generate used cooking oils or fats? Quatra can be your partner in the responsible management of your waste oil. We specialize in collecting three types of industrial waste within the food industry:

  1. Used cooking oil in various types and packaging.
  2. Oil-based products that may no longer be sold due to contamination or packaging issues.​
  3. Oil waste and residues that can arise during production. 

Together, let's contribute to sustainable waste management.