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Delivery of  edible
cooking oils and fats

Quality oils and fats directly from the field in your frying pan


High-quality and stable oils, 100% vegetable. Supplied in a handy 20L bottle-in-box packaging that is easy to handle and reduces waste.

Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen

Rapeseed Oil

Clear liquid oil suitable for culinary

Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen

Vegetable Oil

A clear liquid vegetable oil suitable for culinary purposes.

Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen

Sunflower Oil

Physically refined sunflower edible oil obtained from sunflower seed


The favorites of the Belgian chefs.

Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen

Quatra Beef Fat 12.5 kg

Taste of the real Belgian fries.

Fresh cooking oils and fats at the best price

Thanks to our dense network of local drivers, we can combine the delivery of your fresh quality fats and oils with the collection of your used fats and oils. If you call or email us for a delivery, a visit will be made within 48 hours. An urgent intervention within 24 hours is also possible.

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