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Collecting cooking oil with Quatra
Become a customer easily

Looking for a cooking oil collection partner? Not quite satisfied with your current supplier? Getting started or switching to Quatra is very easy! In just 4 steps, we can come and collect your used cooking oils and fats. You can also call upon us for the delivery of fresh cooking oils.

Become a customer in 4 steps

1. Contact us

For optimum scheduling of the collection and/or delivery of cooking oil, we will need some details (company, frequency of collection, quantity of oil, desired storage method, etc.). Contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat on our website so we can coordinate this together.

2. The collection will be scheduled

A collection will be scheduled together with the planning department. This will take your needs and preferences into account. Upon collection, full drums will always be exchanged for clean, new drums.

3. Need some fresh cooking oil?

Let us know! We have a range of fresh vegetable oils of difference price and quality in stock. We provide your fresh oils along with the collection of your used oil in the same ride. We will call you in advance to coordinate the delivery. 

4. After each collection

As soon as a collection has taken place, you will receive a summary via e-mail with a collection receipt, the amount of oil collected and the corresponding fee. This eases your monitoring and keeps your administration in order.

+100.000 customers call upon Quatra for their cooking oil collection.

Contact us now by phone, e-mail or live chat.

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