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Sustainable collection and processing of vegetable oils and grease-containing waste from ships. 

Delivery of ship's waste: oil and grease-containing wash water

Since 1 January 2021, seagoing vessels transporting so-called persistent floaters (vegoils) have been required to wash their tanks after unloading and to dispose of the wash water in port before departure.

Shortly after the introduction of these new regulations, Quatra and Koole identified a growing demand for sustainable and transparent solutions for collecting and processing wash water.  Based on this demand, a unique and ecological partnership between Koole and Quatra was born.

What we do:

Collection of wash water Marpol annex II (Y products persistent floaters*)
Collection by dedicated barge or suction vehicle
Processing of oil into feedstock for biofuel
Purifying wastewater for reuse

Our services:

Sustainable total solution for the processing of your wash waters for maritime and inland barging
We pay for the collected oil
Service 24/7

Quatra persistence

Under our brand Quatra Persistence, we offer a total solution for the collection and recycling of your oil and grease-containing wash water. Wash water is collected by dedicated barge, making it possible to recover the oil fractions.

The recovered oils are recycled into feedstock for sustainable biofuels and the water goes to water treatment. Separated collection and processing could save up to 10,000 tons of CO2 annually in the Port of Rotterdam. 

In this way, Koole and Quatra create added value for their customers, in the supply chain of edible oils and fats, and the circular economy. 

Also for your oily  
waste from inland shipping!  

To support optimal collection of the oil and grease-containing marine waste from inland shipping, Quatra Persistence also offers the same sustainable and transparent solution  for your inland vessels  by truck or by barge.

What is more, we could pay for the collection for your Marpol Annex II  oil and grease-containing washwater.

Where we operate

1.  Port of Antwerp
2. Port of Rotterdam
3. Port of Amsterdam
4. North Sea Port

Inland waterways Where Quatra operates